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[JIMMO] MailChimp Sync

The Jimmo

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I'm interesting in purchasing, but have a question. We have multiple MailChimp newsletters. We'd like to allow our member to choose which newsletters they'd like to subscribe to when they sign up.

Does this app support this sort of setup?

At the current time, it only supports 1 list.

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Info is not being saved on the plugin's settings page.

There was an error: Fatal error: Class 'chimp\Mailchimp' not found in /home/********/public_html/forum/init.php(432) : eval()'d code on line 107

Make sure you uploaded the Mailchimp API folder to your server and inserted the correct path

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23 minutes ago, DealTrakr said:

Hello. When I try to sync a member i get a white screen, also if I save my settings, then reopen them they are vanished so I am not sure they are saving properly. Thanks.

You can't sync till the settings are correctly entered. Please ensure you're inserting your settings correctly, otherwise they will not be saved.

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