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Incapsula security check?


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When trying to get to the site today in the usual way I was blocked by Incapsula.
 What suddenly triggered this? Is this a new thing, or did I do something causing this to show up?

I don't like this, and I wouldn't want my users to be faced with this as it could be misinterpreted as MY site being blocked from the user, not the other way around. Potential visitors might just say "TL:DR, that looks fishy I am out of here."

Can this be turned off in the ACP?



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This only applies to our site. :)

​I've been meaning to submit a bug report about this. Whenever I get this screen, I can not get passed it. No matter how many times I fill in the captcha input, the page just refreshes, and I end up being locked out of the site for ~6-12 hours before I can access it again. It's happened to me two or three times now I think, and every time it's the same thing.

This is on Chromium Version 41.0.2272.101 (64-bit), but I believe the problem exists on all browsers.

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