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How do I re-count my members posts in IPB4?


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When I upgraded my forum to RC5 it seemed to have doubled all members post counts. On my test board, which only has 3 members and 47 posts, one member has apparently made 66 posts. :rofl:

Any idea how I can fix this? I can't seem to find a way to re-check and re-count all members posts in the new ACP.


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Thank you, but it did not help.

This is a bit confusing.

My admin account on that forum has published 6 topics, 1 status message and 1 reply to a status message. That would mean I've made 8 posts. But the post count for that account is at 14 posts. This would mean that IPB4 counts topics posted twice - as a topic AND as a regular post. :unsure:

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