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Custom block titles/editing for plug-ins


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Tough one here. Everything you create from Articles says Latest Articles. Not sure that could get much more generic and the real issue is when using multiple feed blocks on a page to show different news they all say the same thing... Very confusing, looks like you've repeated information. Maybe I'm missing something here but I have no way to edit a plug-in title I can see. If this is not by error of myself and is wai intended, please change this and give us the option name plug-in blocks

The issue I see here is I have no way to edit the code in the created feed-block as we could do before and this is vital. Since you gave us no example blocks containing the IPB stock code so we could adjust it to our needs we get it one way only as far as I can tell.  I have to be missing something here.. Right? Could someone please tell me if I have some bugs or if this is wai?

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