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Partly wrong path for CSS & JS


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I've "upgraded" from 3.4.* to the latest RC of 4.0 and I kind of broke my theme.
My main page and the admin center where without any styling, everything was broken. I noticed that some of the loaded CSS and JS had a wrong path.
My board is at www.board.de/folder_1 but my license is at www.board.de/folder_2 - It took the "folder_2" paths for the CSS and JS, but just partly... some of the JS scripts had the right domain.
I resetted my key and updated to a new domain, reloaded it in the ACP but still nothing. I even checked the conf_global paths, everything is right.

But as soon as I turn on the theme designer in the ACP, everything works fine beside no jQuery is loaded in the ACP. AS soon as I turn it off, its back to the errors (and old path and stuff).

Any suggestions what I could do to fix this?

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