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Where's the announcement forum?


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Our 3.4.7 download always has and includes the latest patches, so if your ever not sure what you have, re-download the latest version from the client area and you are all set.  Not knowing when you downloaded or what patches you have applied, it's hard to tell what you have.

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This is what I see now on the right side of the forums:


The news there looks completely out of date.  It doesn't reflect that there were 7 release candidates or that the final 4.0 version is available.

Is it possible that the latest news blog isn't visible to certain user groups on the forums?


Anyone looking at the IPS news would assume that the software isn't anywhere close to release.

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well I wasn't aware of an announcement forum. That was a long time ago?

The admin panel in the forum uses the IPS News Blog too. So after all the excitement of the 4.0.0 suite I would like to see thing get back to "normal" and news are posted there. Currently I check the client area for new downloads... or wait for a post by just someone. That can't be intended?

Having two sources ("development" & "production") for news makes sense since not everyone participates in Betas or RCs. But currently I'm not sure where to look at to stay up to date.


And the release notes linked in the client area point to this post. After all the hard work to get 4 out in the wild some easy points are just left out this way :tongue: 


Although its a bit off-topic here but was mentioned above: why do security patches not increase the version number? Its not that new version numbers cost anything? and it would make clear what state a board is in (imagine 5 patches after 3.4.7). To make sure they are all applied you would need to re-do them all. And the patch combinations might not work well together. If one could see 3.4.12 as the current version one would immediately know whats going on :thumbsup:


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Yes, the IPS News has beta 5, beta 6, and release candidate 1.

Anyone looking at the support forum for the first time is going to assume that the news is up to date and correct.

They must think the forum software just came out of beta.

​I agree, on so many levels:

1.  It's a bad impression to new customers and potential clients.

2.  It's confusing for existing clients.

3.  It makes planning for renewals, or projecting the roll-out of custom development, impossible.  

4.  It gives the perception of inactivity or long pauses.

5.  It shortchanges the hard work of the developers, by not celebrating their newest and latest work.

6.  It makes feedback harder for the developers, if the market is fractured with different versionings.  

7.  It's especially bad given how easy it is to post an update.  

8.  Lastly, it's terrible community engagement.

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