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Constantly having to do lost password recovery from Invision


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I work away from home a lot and stay in motels. When I visit here either first time from the motel or when I get back home from my trip my password is often rejected. I enter the correct password and it's still rejected. The only solution is to do a lost password recovery. I do this and just enter in my previous password.

Only happening on this site running version 4. My own site and other sites running 3.4.7 I don't have this problem.

Anyone else having the same problem?

Invision - comments?

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This forum runs injunction with IPS' Clients portal and runs a cookie across the two domains. Do you have issues logging into the Client Portal? Something that I did notice is that it doesn't like me logged in on my work computer, personal laptop and phone, usually one I have to re-login using but my password DOES work.

Around December, I believe IPS beefed up their security to their portal, did you perform that?

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