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2 hours ago, xMecenas said:

Hi, where can I find settings or something block menager??

block manager ... not sure if mean blocks in admincp or the block manager shown on forum main page (not admincp) ... look for the little arrow on left side of screen about half way down (only viewable if logged in as admin)

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Somethings up. Lean to IPS bug as the only thing that's changed since this was made 4.3 compatible is new IPS versions.

In my dev site the widget isn't available in the dev center for the plugin. The widget json is totally empty (meaning the plugin says theres no widgets). The widget is there of course...

Gotta help move a neighbor, will poke this in an hour or two.

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1 hour ago, All Astronauts said:


4.0 Released!

  • I literally just recreated the plugin, that's it.
  • You'll need to delete the one you have and install this one. It's actually called Store Stuff now and I pushed the version up to 4.0 to just "sync" it with what's already come and gone.


Working now, thank you

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Just a note in this ancient thread that this was submitted for 4.6 (and 4.5). Still working like a champ. Note sometimes after editing the widget settings the widget disappears when you close out the widget management menu. Just refresh the page and you are back in business.

Added a css one-liner to remove extra pricing information so now the widget is just the image and the base price. Nice and lean. Available when approved but as you can imagine staff likely have a massive backlog right now.


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