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Cannot access ADMINCP anymore !


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The forum is running fine but i cannot access my admincp anymore

What happened :

I defined in the admincp a different name for the /admin/ folder lets say admin2 and followed the instructions (create constants.php etc) then i could access to the admincp with the url /admin2/, no problem

After that i just added one line in the htaccess : redirect match to redirect old topics (converted forum) to /forum/ (ipb4)

then when i wanted to access the admincp, i had a 301 to /forum/

i removed the line added in the htaccess

but no change

i removed constants.php

Now when i try to reach /admin2/ there is a 301 leading to : /forum/admin/?adsess=am734qnnq6b704p8227u3acpn3&app=core&module=system&controller=login&error=&ref=

What can i do ?

Tx a lot

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It's cached in your browser, use another one to make sure

​I'd agree. Firefox seems quite bad for doing that sometimes (unless you configure it not to) as it likes to sometimes jump to a cached URL. Using a different browser temporarily or clearing browser cache is one way to be sure. :)

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Tx for your help but actually i thought the same so i tested on a different browser, but no change

I found a solution today, for those having the same problem :

- delete constants.php

- rename /admin2/ in /admin/

- upload the former htaccess

Then you can connect again to the admincp with the /admin/ url

It seems there is a conflict between the settings IPS gives to change /admin/ name and any permanent redirection defined in htaccess


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