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Multi-Moderatation - Auto-Follow


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Hello All,


This is a feature request :-) or maybe a coder could help us out.

We are using the Multi-Moderatations for fast posting pre-defined answers to our customers, example quick-fixes, tutorals for assistance etc.

When our staff uses this Mult-Mod, the message is posted correctly, however when the member replies back to this post, the staff will not be notified as Multi-Moderatations posts does not automatic follow a post (and like this the staff don't gets their e-mail notification)

Its not a bug, and confirmed by Stuart:

Hi Karel,

This functionality is working as designed, it is not something that we can change in the 3.x line at this time.

You may be able to find a developer on our community job board who would be willing to enable this functionality for you. You are welcome to post in our "product feedback" forum, to suggest this change for IPS4 ( http://community.inv...oduct-feedback/ )


Stuart Silvester
Invision Power Services, Inc.

So as advise of Stuart, my post here...


Kind Regards,

Karel B. - pc-helpforum.be 

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