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Profile pictures display size in topic


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Hi all, 

Recently upgraded to 4.0, have scanned ACP and I can't seem to locate an area to adjust the profile picture so I can make it larger in topics. I found a way to allow each group to upgrade higher dimension profile photos under groups but that doesn't seem to affect how it's displayed in topics/on the users profile.

Any help appreciated. 

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On Wed Mar 18 2015 17:00:36 GMT+0300 (Arabic Standard, dsieber said:

I have not found a way to do this in the admin area, but it would be pretty easy to do by adding a line of custom CSS code to the theme. I'll tell you how if you tell me what size you want your profile picture to be.

would you just post the code please and in what css file we put 

for example 150x200

thank you

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