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what is " lang_short" ?


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i want to import a language pack but i have this error " 1S111/1 Column 'lang_short' cannot be null

i'm trying to set name language etc.

like "<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <language name="Test Lang" locale="greek" rtl="0"> " or " <language name="Test Lang">  <app key="core" version="100017"> "

the translate is 100% okey and haven't any errors ^_^

(translate for IPS 4.0 RC5)

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"locale" is not the name of the language ("greek"), it's some kind of shortcut for the language,  in your case it should be locale="el_GR" (Ελληνικά_Greece) or maybe just locale="el". "language name" can be whatever you want, but "locale" must be correct.

For example, Serbian is "sr_RS", English is "en_US" or "en_UK"... so, I guess you should just put "el_GR" instead of "greek". :) 

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