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S3 as storage


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I'm trying to get Amazon S3 to work as a storange engine for ips 4 (rc5). I've done a clean install and set it for profile photosonly, however when I try to upload a picture it says COULD_NOT_SAVE_FILE, it does however work when using the File System so I guess the problem lies with the S3 bridge, anyone else got it to work? The S3 configuration seems very straight forward, I got my bucket name and keys correctly set up.. would I need to do anything else on AWS perhaps?

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Thanks, re installed and now I get an error from admin panel saying

There appears to be a problem with your file storage settings which can cause problems with uploads.
After attempting to upload a file to the directory, the URL to the file is returning a HTTP 400 error. Update your settings and then check and see if the problem has been resolved

Did create the bucket, and an IAM user, then set the bucket permissions to allow authenticated users to upload/delte and list. Any ideas? 400 Should mean it's an authentication problem right? However I even tried allowing "Everyone" access to bucket.

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