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Help me removing portal PLEASEEEE


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im always with odd problems 

so i was using portal http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7330-portal/

it was totally fine but then suddenly all the portal RIGHT sidebar blocks  goes on bottom of my website also my ip content right sidebar bar blocks, ONLY FKIN right sidebar blocks from both portal and ip content theres no problem if i put left sidebar from ip content and portal only right sidebars 

its been a couple weeks i try to fix no hope at all not even official support 

so the problem is with portal if i disable it everything from ip content sidebars goes normal i have even tried to re build the page layouts and creating new layouts even with (MT33)Content_Drag_N_Drop_Visual_Page_Layout_Editor) hook, no matter what i do if enable portal and ip content has right sidebar blocks then they will all change to bottom of the site 

so i tried to remove the portal and reinstall it again, no hope. i tried removing the portal and deleting the files of portal then re uploading it again, nope no fkin hope same sht happens 

i tried to setup another ip.board all over again then installed portal, there is no problems at all, but i NEED my website database to comeback with registered users and if i do that same faeces happens and yes i tried same faeces happens


the problem is in the database with portal how can i delete everything of portal in the database???? do you have any idea?

...or do you have any idea how to show latest replies and topics on ip content just like portal??? thats the only reason i need portal

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Hi! Mike John

sorry for late reply i was still messing with it and doing random stuff to see if find the issue

i found the issue now

..i have created a block with ip content and i copy pasted the codes from "Latest Topics Main" from portal to ip content block 

i do that because i want my forum latest topics and replies to show on front page just like portal this is something i really want its like forum activities really nice, and the problem has nothing to do with this, but thats why ip content blocks also go on button 

so here is the problem..

there is a section in my forum i named it "recent bans" this section topics connected with an rss, i have battlefield 4 game servers so whenever someone gets banned in my server or if an admin bans a player then a new topic automatically will be posted about the details like names and reason

so here here is it if a new topic or new replies posted at recent bans section then portal right sidebar blocks goes on bottom of the website, looks like portal have some issue if a new topic posts by rss feeds :/ ...  "ip content right sidebar blocks shows on bottom because i use same portal codes to show latest topics replies on front page ip content.

anyways i send you the informations to look at it and see it by yourself, chek your private messages 


Thank you so much to reply sir 

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If I'm looking at the past post correctly, you attempted to add Mike's IPBV4 app to a IPBV3.4 board and it will not work. IPB changed the display code between


​the link i posted it was just so you know what plugin i use i didnt notice its for ips 4

...but i just checked again and the portal i use is version 1.4.1 


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