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Multiple Drives on Cpanel Box

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My box runs Cpanel. It has one 1 GB HDD and I am adding a 250 GB SSD.

I need help to set up the box to use the SSD for the system, databases and static files.

I want to make 2 500 GB partitions on the HDD. One for logs and back ups, and the other one as a mirror of the SSD in case o failure.

Is that possible to achieve what I want in Cpanel? 

Over the internet I only could find articles about running different channel accounts on different drives or partitions. That's not what I want. I want all accounts running from SSD, only logs and back ups on HDD and if possible a security exact copy of the SSD tu use in case o failure.

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I think I understand what you want is:

SSD1 - hosts everything and runs everything
SATA1 - Mirrors SSD1 for instant boot from this drive in the event SSD fails.
SATA2 - holds logs and backups of SSD1

To achieve what SATA1 does, what you want is called RAID1. In the event of a disk failure, with raid1, the other disk will keep the system running without a hitch. It won't even go down. BUT!!! Mixing an SSD and SATA for raid is absolutely terrible and would lose the performance of the SSD. So, I make 2 recommendations to you as an alternative.

Option 1 (best option, but $$$)

Get 2x SSD... And set them as raid1 that runs everything. Then you are protected from disk failure and have even higher performance now. SATA2 now is for backups and logs.

Option 2 (without modifying physical components and sticking to your plan)

You're going to have to give up the idea of instant booting from another drive or constant running despite disk failure.

Install everything, including cpanel on the SSD.

Make 2 partitions on SATA2 (I'll call it sdc1 and sdc2). Mount /backup on sdc1 and logs directory (i forget where...) on sdc2.

Install an identical OS on the SATA1 with cpanel and everything (again). After installing the OS, leave the default boot as SSD1. On the SSD1, mount the SATA1 as some new directory. Have a rsync daemon setup to clone the SSD's /home to SATA1's /home. So that they're always the same. You will not want to synchronize OS files. You do not want to sync SQL files either. It will get badly corrupt.

Now if the SSD fails, you change the boot record to boot up from SATA1 instead. After booted, load the mysql backup from SATA2 into SATA1's mysql. Now you have a running server. If the cpanel's SQL backup is not frequent enough for you, you can setup your own mysql backups to make it work.

Option 3 (changing your plan)

Have the two SATA loaded as RAID1. Install OS and cPanel there. Mount /var/lib/mysql on your SSD.

Now your server will still be running if any of the disk fails. Though, your sites won't. To recover, you'd unmount the SSD or after getting a new physical SSD, reinstall mysql and load from backup.


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i am in the process of doing this tonight - all I did was text my hosting guy and make it happen ;)

we are upgrading the RAM and adding SSD in the open slot - on that SSD will be SQL and my HOME directory the SATA 1 will be remaining home directories, OS. SATA2 is the backups. I think that how it will be. 


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