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Strange thing happening, Needing help

Izaya Orihara

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1. I recently demoted one of my mods back down to normal member position but he can still see the Moderator forum. I saw his name inside one of the threads.


Yet I checked his usergroups and neither of his groups can actually have access to that forum.

2. All members see a link to the moderator CP regardless if they are staff or not. Only staff can actually see what is in Moderator cp but how can I stop them all from seeing it? What is causing this.

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Have you look at the "second" group on that member?? 

the second im not sure


AH I figured the first one out...I forgot I had overridden his member group permissions with the admin set. Which is why he was able to see the staff forum still despite being a member.
Thanks though!

Now if only I can figure out the 2nd one.​


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