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On 29/9/2015 2:12:16, AlexJ said:

Any help would be appreciated mate. Thanks!

That error is a bit generic and is more likely to happen with any application upload. My guess is an error with the Phar extension.

I'll need ftp login details to locate the exact error and then advise if this is a bug with Portal or IPB4. Right now I'm leaning towards the later.

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On 9/10/2015 4:18:45, Bernabe Guerra Jr. said:

Whats the php code to use to pull a block? Imported old block from 3.4.8 into 4.0 and doesn't seem to be working.

Now that the Portal uses widgets, you should just be able to drag and drop the Pages widget into place.

On 10/10/2015 9:20:20, Ilya Kirilenko said:

Now we have obtained so that the news can see everything, even those that are not available on the Rights on the main display. You can fix this? Did not find the option in the configurations are those inherit rights

As in the sidebar or main block doesn't check read permissions?

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12 hours ago, Ilya Kirilenko said:

The main. Side blocks for messages, I used the standard of IPS. And in the central block of the portal displays all messages and see them all, regardless of access rights.

I've logged this as a bug, you can find a manual patch here. PM me if you need me to apply the change for you.

4 hours ago, Bernabe Guerra Jr. said:

Mike would happen to have a custom blocks layout for portal? Not too many options in IPS on how layout blocks, other than column left or right and 1,2 or 3 columns.

Outside of widgets? No, I'm using the same 2 column widget layout. Decided it was better to have widget support then a custom layout.

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On 27/10/2015 3:54:53, Tribalize said:

Is there a way to have a link at the bottom of the portal to load more posts. Theoretically someone could stay on the portal and keep reading older and older posts? 

As in something like the "unread content" stream? No not possible right now but I will be seeing what's possible now with the IPB 4.1 release and if it's possible to add in 3rd party apps will be utilize that type of ajax content load. It's not an immediate priority though, right now still focused on bug fixes.

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