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Playing Uploaded Sound Files


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My site is for language-learning so I'm perfectly happy for people to upload files in their forum posts to help others with their pronunciation. If someone says "How do you say X?", then it makes sense to use sound rather than try to explain it with a description. But I'd like people to be able to play the files within the post, just as they would if it were embedded from something hosted elsewhere, such as YouTube or Soundcloud. This is a feature that we'd use a lot, so going to the trouble of uploading elsewhere when it's just a five-second clip really isn't much of an option.

That doesn't seem possible to me. Sure, people can add .mp3 attachments but what appears in the post is a download link. Is it possible to play within the post? Am I missing something?

If it actually isn't a feature within 4 and isn't likely to be, then is it the sort of thing that could be arranged by someone else fairly easily? I'd be willing to pay to have it, though would, of course, prefer that it just be something that I've overlooked somewhere.

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