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Update 3.4.7 => 4.0 RC4, bug accents and special characters :(


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Bonne Année, Bonne Santé, Meilleurs Voeux pour l'Année 2014 ;)


That is accents, special characters, attachments, YouTube smileys or videos nothing works, I am obliged to repair everything in the hand, because Ryan d' IPS did not find (after opening of a ticket) somebody he can help me to solve this very boring(tiresome) problem: (

The converter finds nothing in convert and the database is good utf8_unicode_ci


Que se soit les accents, les caractères spéciaux, les attachements, smileys ou vidéos youtube rien ne fonctionne, je suis obligé de réparer tout à la main, car Ryan d'IPS n'a pas trouvé (après ouverture d'un ticket) quelqu'un peut-il m'aider à régler ce problème très chiant :(

Le convertisseur ne trouve rien à convertir et la base de données est bien en utf8_unicode_ci


Ex. : http://www.ctoulon.com/forum/topic/9467-bonne-annã©e-bonne-santã©-meilleurs-voeux-pour-l39annã©e-2014/

Other problem, members cannot more connect in the forum?!


Autre problème, des membres ne peuvent plus se connecter au forum ?!

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Not to ruin your mood - but this special character thing happened to me too, had to manually edit like 500 Pages articles and a lot of topic titles, not crazy enough to edit all the posts, so good luck.

​I have not the choice, otherwise I am going to lose all the members and seen whom at IPS they find not, needs to manage all alone and to move forward... ;) 

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Well, i do not know if IPS 4.0 has any bug concerning character conversion, but i think you should check you 3.4.7 installation regarding character encoding definitions:


1) Inside ACP

2) Inside PHP.ini

3 Inside my.cnf

You may think your database is trully utf8_unicode_ci but IPB may have been sending other character encoding that is not consistent with utf-8.

If all is ok, you should check the samething for 4.0. If all is ok, you could try to find the typical errors and have it replaced through SQL command line.

It is normal that if you have encoding issues that your members cannot login - specially the ones that have member names with punctuated characters.


If it makes you feel better, i have already had my dose of encoding problems too :D.

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Thank you, I already passed to the version 4.0, thus I do not can verify any more 3.4.7.

I go and look a little bit to the right and left at what I can make, but the new administration of the forum is not terrible, we find no more functions(offices) of tools as the mask, and cie

What I understand not, it is that before the update, there was no concern(marigold) with accents and special characters :( 


Merci, je suis déjà passé à la version 4.0, donc je ne peux plus vérifier la 3.4.7.

Je vais regarder un peu à droite et gauche ce que je peux faire, mais la nouvelle administration du forum est pas terrible, on ne trouve plus des fonctions d'outils comme le cache, et cie

Ce que je comprends pas, c'est qu'avant la mise à jour, il n'y avait aucun souci avec les accents et les caractères spéciaux :(

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We had the same Problem with some installations in german. We have a script on file, that corrects the issue:

This will ONLY work with german special chars, but you're free to edit the script for your own needs, as it just works like "Search and Replace"

I will attach it here, search the section that REPLACE ä,ü,ö and change it to your needs.



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I am going to try your sulutions, the concern(marigold) it is that I I have already converted and I cannot go back...

We also spoke to me of utf8 recode decode?!



Je vais essayer vos sulutions, le souci c'est que moi j'ai déjà converti et je ne peux pas revenir en arrière...

On m'a parlé aussi de utf8 recode décode ?!


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Yes I too always the same error, even with the RC5, but maintaining we speak to me of "utf8mb4" it's a pity that I did not know him(it) before: (

My saving not working any more, I have to solve the problem, he well has to have a function MySQL to settle(adjust) not at all!?!

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