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Search Accuracy needs to be heavily improved


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From what i have seen from 4.0, the search has been improved a lot regarding speed (which is terrible in 3.4.x), but its accuracy is still bad (or even worse).

It is very difficult to find what we are trying to search.

For example, here at IP Community i tried to search some topics and i could not find them or they where not at the first page of the results, even i have written enough "words" that i know they were pretty significant. 


I know implementing a proper search engine is a hard task, but i expect this to be improved on final 4.0 release.

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For example i was searching for a topic i've created with small improvement on the classifieds app (to allow the og:image tags to be inserted):

I tried searching:

"Classifieds facebook share"

"Classifieds improve facebook"

"Classifieds facebook xtech"


With these keywords it should be in within the first results.

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The search feature is still in need of great improvement, especially where searching custom databases are concerned. It does not even seem to look in custom fields, which would be very useful. It also seems that you cannot search in specific categories.

If I add the field 'serial_number' to a database, and I add the value '1234qwer' to the serial_number field, there is no way to search '1234qwer' and find the record in question. I really want to build custom search widgets around the IPS functionality, but the necessary features just aren't there.

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