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[BUG] GetNewComment link goes to last comment in thread when entire thread is unread


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I would report this in the bug tracker, but I don't have permission to add bugs.

If you click the circle on the thread list or the "Next unread thread" link at the bottom of the thread, it takes you to the ?do=getNewComment link, which is what I would expect. However, if you haven't previously viewed that thread, that link takes you to the very last post on the thread, which doesn't seem right to me - since the entire thread is unread, the "new comment" is the original post, not the latest post. In 3.4, it takes you to the first post, as expected.

This wouldn't be as much of an issue if it didn't do this from the link at the bottom of the previous thread as well as from the thread index (because on the thread index you can just click the title instead, whereas in a thread you can't), but as it stands it's an annoying issue.

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