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IPS4 Data Storage Method

Ali Majrashi

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i did fresh install off RC3 (did not have time to test RC4) and noticed that by default Data Storage Method set to the File System rather than MySQL

so my question dose this affect all of my data so in the File System all things will be stored in files like posts,topics,polls,members etc.

or it's only for settings, blocks, pages, templates and others ACP things 


and what are the best option and why.

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open datastore folder (placed in root folder) and you can see what stored there, it's something like cache

so it is basically cache storage method ?

i got confused because it's say in the heading data storage method after you choose the method under it you can select the cashing setting and I thought it's filebased storage like NoSQL or mysql database 

i think if that the case that of them belong to cashing settings the should alter the title of the tap to say so or add notes ?

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ips4 data storage is for prevent doing some extra jobs every time (translate templates to php code for example), so it's similar to cache, but using a cache system like Memcache is not useful for this IMO because cache system usually limiteds to a lifetime and limited capacity

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