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Community Competition to Name the new Stream

Joel R

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This is the community-wide competition to make a lasting impact upon the IPS 4 suite by coming up with the best name for the unified content discovery system that merges the "View New content" and "Activity Stream."  The two systems are currently independent, but will be brought together into a single interface that unifies both views and offers advanced filters to explore new content based upon user preferences.  For more information about the feature, please refer here.  

Rules of the competition:

  1. You must be a registered member and client of the IPS community.  
  2. First person to make a suggestion gets credit, so add your ideas early and often.
  3. Be sure to like other people's ideas if you think they're worthwhile.  


Prize: Eternal bragging rights, maybe a congratulatory note from IPS management, maybe even credits in the IPS code, and the implicit adoration of a generation of IPS users who will all be using your so-named idea.  Other than that, you can take yourself out to a congratulatory dinner at Taco Bell.  


Fine print of the competition:  This is a community-run competition that is only applicable to the community and has no real impact upon any actual naming convention of the software.  Anything to the contrary is really good clickbait on my part, but I've fooled you this far, so you might as well participate.  This competition is also in no way endorsed, supported, or even officially contemplated by IPS but it's such a good idea that they're going to consider it anyways as part of their community engagement.  Also let's face it, they came up with a name like IP.Nexus to somehow describe a storefront so they need all the help they can get.  But who knows, you might win the first unofficial-but-maybe-official IPS 4 community competition and get a congratulatory personal message from Lindy, which has no cash value at Taco Bell.  Finally, to be clear, eternal bragging rights are not the same as "perpetual" bragging rights or "legacy" bragging rights, and may eventually be force-converted into regular "licensed" bragging rights for IPS 5.  Good luck!

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I assume IPS staff are excluded? I have some great ideas for a name like "Place to Find Recent and/or Unread Stuff"


I vote for "New Stuff"   :P 

​Oh lordy lord, see how much help these wayward folks at IPS need us!  To the entire IPS community, rack your brains and sharpen your wit to contribute your bestest-of-the-best idea to these poor souls at IPS ... they may answer our support tickets in the world's fastest time, but they're not going to win any world records for names anytime soon ... !

On a serious note, I was actually assuming @Charles and @Lindy would be the company judges.  Or something.  Certainly not me, because I'm probably going to be too busy satirically mocking everyone's ideas.  

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I think Activity Stream might be good enough actually, making "New Content" a part of it.

Or Content Stream like @AndyF suggested :)

However, if it contains status updates, favourites and other activities, I feel that Activity Stream may be more appropriate in the end.

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