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Feature Wanted List

Saulo Caetano

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Usability Tweaks:

01 - Option to select emoticons, select all emoticons, option to delete a emoticons group.

02 - Option to add custom icon in the Posts Page.

03 - Option to change the text color of the widgets in theme customization area.

04 - Option to add @2x Retina Support for Logo and Custom Icons on Index and Posts Page.

05 - Option to go to the last post published by a member direct of notification/page posts. Like a Xenforo.

06 - Responsive emoticons box to adapt animated emoticons and various sizes. Or block the grid so that you do not have horizontal scroll.

07 - Blocked members will not appear in Status Update widget.


Reputation System Improvements:

01 - Achievements with Badges ( Option to add custom badges and Achievements). :)




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