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I can't find concrete information on this...


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Wait, is IPS allowing people to upgrade their live board to 4.0 RC now? Meaning I won't get in trouble if someone were to report my board for it for being 4.0 RC version? I do understand that support will be limited.

Also, I happen to run a wordpress plog on my main domain, with my forums on a subdomain of the main domain. Does anyone know if IPS Connect will work with IPB4? This is a deciding factor on whether or not I will upgrade. Same account connectivity/SSO is amazing to have.


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Hey Ari Zeto,

You could actually upgrade your live board while in BETA, however it was highly not recommended and there was no support offered to those who performed the upgrade. With the Release Candidate phase, IPS now offers some partial support on “install issues, upgrade issues, major problems”. So yes, you are allowed to upgrade your live board.

However, such a move is risky considering there are still many bugs being found and fixed. If you really do want to upgrade your live board to an RC, you should first backup your board and perform an upgrade test locally to ensure there is no main upgrade issues. I would recommend doing the same each time you update the RC to a new version.

IPS Connect is available in IPS4. It can be found under Login Handlers, e.g


Good luck.


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