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[commerce] ads & invoice - Severe design flaw!

Ocean West

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there is no reciprocal link between a purchase / invoice / renewal and preview for any Advertisement, that was purchased. (or a way to preview the ad image & link from this context) you have no reference to the image, that is associated to the transaction.

Also are no users/customers are associated with the list of advertisements  - there is no way to know who's ad belongs to whom without having to see if the graphic has their name or compare urls. 

What is the purpose of the "Title" and why is it a required field, it is not a field the end users enters - and forces admins to come up with a title should you need to edit it - which is now every time since we have to request users send us the different size ads back channel so that we can manually add them in, so it doesn't break the responsive themes.


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