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[Pages]More Export/Import options please?

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I find that I am missing several of the basic tools for getting my work ready for distribution/import to a live site.
There is no longer the ability to export or import a block, or any templates. The option to download a database replete with all of it's database settings, templates, custom fields and categories is indeed a fine thing, but this very simply does not address the blocks embedded within those templates, the assets included on the page the database is used on that provide a custom style/javascript functionality, or the common need to export just a template for use with an existing generic database like the default articles system, or multiple available templates to choose from for a given database view being added from a given mod, or even the inability to export page templates(from providing more builder templates to custom wrappers this would be useful).

Could you pretty please possibly review the export/import options present within the pages application and restore the basic tools for distribution where the contents of the database settings and fields are irrelevant?

As it stands, I'm not going to be able to update several of my mods with it like this, and I've already had to do a manual copy/paste job for a featured articles listing template and a css asset to the live site for a custom, which simply will not fly in distributed works.


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