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Send an email invite to create new member?


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Is this possible?

As in, so I can create a link to forward onto someone whom can then create their own user account instead of me creating an account with details I "think" they would want.

Reason being if the site is "offline" and wanting to have the site be "invite only" for a while.

Many thanks.

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1. You can also create a generic account which they can change.

2. Add in the email that the site will be open for them to register between the hours of x and y on day(s)

​Thank you for the advice.

I am not disagreeing with that as an option but personally, I think I want a more "tidy" solution in this instance.

I want to regulate sign ups initially but do not want to be constantly opening/closing the sign up process.

Would this be possible as a custom mod?

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