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4.0 RC3 issues after upgrade

Andrey Gaisenok

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While converting on localhost (previous convert from 3.4.7 was fine but template was broken) I got a error:

Unknown column 'sys_module_admin' in 'where clause'
...\OpenServer\domains\..../applications/core/setup/upg_40000/queries.json - query #4
UPDATE `core_modules`  SET `sys_module_area`=? WHERE sys_module_admin=1 

Upd: modified theme from IPBForumSkins was installed by default 

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Ok, next try

1. Switched to default theme
2. Removed other themes
3. Removed all hooks and apps
4. Updated
5. Replaced all wrong forum links to new one in some css files.

Now I have other problem - no one link opens. I have a SEO FURLs, so it was processed to translit from Cyrillic to English in original forum, now they are on Cyrillic and don't open (URLs like http://forum.probki.net/topic/9382-камеры-спб-и-ло/)

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