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A few PHP errors


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I am trying to install a testsite to show my boss how we can sell items with Commerce however I am getting this error after I have uploaded all the IPS Commerce files.


Fatal error: Class 'IPS\Dispatcher\Front' not found in /data/13/1/56/80/1708569/user/1843703/htdocs/sos/joomla/store/index.php on line 13


 I also tried seeing if everything was ok with the system requirements with the ip4.php file and I get

MySQL Requirements

  • You are not running a compatible version of MySQL. You need MySQL 5.0.3 or above. You should contact your hosting provider or system administrator to ask for an upgrade.
  • Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch_assoc() on a non-object in /data/13/1/56/80/1708569/user/1843703/htdocs/sos/joomla/store/ips4.php on line 304


I will take care of the MySQL compatible version but not sure what the 2 fatal errors mean.


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