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Issues after upgrade!


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We just recently upgraded our forums from 3.4.7 to 4.0 but we ran into a couple of major issues I'm hoping I could get some assistance with:

1.) The default theme seems to be missing elements. It's just a white. It doesn't seem like all the CSS is missing though, it's odd:

2.) In the ACP I'm trying to force a rebuild (this was something I was going to try to see if it fixes the theme issue) and I get the following error:

When trying to view our Store module:


Trying to view reported content I get a similar screen as the above, but with error code EX1054

I have already tried redownloading the IPB4 package and reuploading it to no avail.

Lastly, I have a custom download setup for downloading purchased files from the Commerce module via Amazon S3 links that interacted with the Nexus API. I used custom settings in the ACP to provide download URLs... Was the custom settings in the ACP removed? If so, any suggestions on how to get this going again? All I need is an admin-only text field to input a download URL that will be tied to a specific product ID.

Any suggestions? Did I miss an important step somewhere?


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2 and 3 appear to be Nexus issues although I don't have the newer version of this at the current moment to check this. The Support section in the ACP might assist with that, as it will do a few checks and repairs, I'm unsure if that's where you got the error however.

1 is likely caused by incorrect paths. Did you upgrade your live board or was this a copy of it / a copy in another directory etc ? If it was the live site did you move it at all ie between directories or change URL's ?

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I asked about the directories etc as they need to be correct on the 34x install before upgrading, if that makes sense. :)

I think there may be a script / tool a support tech can use to rectify it, but it will during the upgrade rely on the paths being correct.

The best way to check this is to restore the 347 somewhere (as you've done) then ensure that the Upload URL/Paths are right, then upgrade.

I would suggest a ticket in the Client Area regarding the broken layout.

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Interesting, I'll look into it. We have a very active forum and I can't imagine that the folder was incorrect before the upgrade.

Regarding the Nexus issues, maybe I'll have to do a support ticket. 
If anyone has any ideas on that, please let me know. Thank you!

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Okay, reverted to 347 and all the settings were correct. I'm trying the whole process again. 

In the mean time, does anyone know about the custom admin settings you could do in 3.4.7? I need them for a external app I wrote that uses the Nexus and board API. 

Basically the outside app required usage of ipsRegistry::$settings array.

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Did you read this topic ?

I had the same css issues as you describe and solved it by following  the steps in the second part of the post:
Creating a Duplicate Local Test board from you Live Board.

After those steps it worked for me. 

​No longer getting the CSS issues but I still have the Error code: EX0 when trying to access the store module. :(


This also happens when trying to view all of reported content. 

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