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Custom fields in the application Pages


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Attachements are now a global feature and as such attached to the editor. Makes more sense this way anyway. 

The Database Relationship field will come later. 

Thanks for the answer, it pleases, waiting for this type of field, but I hope and also add file attachments. Do not know what version to wait?

P.s. Your site on IPS 4 nice.

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Will adding more types of custom fields? Such types such as
Attachments and Database Relationship.



​There is a field called Uploads which replaces (and combines) Attachments and Single File Upload. You select if you want single or multiple files per field.

The editor also has attachments which poses a conflict, as I posted here: http://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/pages-databases-and-attachments-in-editor-r5393/

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