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Upgrade question


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Is it possible to do a full upgrade by replacing ALL files from 3.4.7 with 4.0 i.e I don t want to have to hunt for ghosts or files associated with old addons that may linger around in deep folders. Can I upgrade by locking the site down, making a copy of the database and 3.4.7 files, then removing all files but config and uploading 4.0 then running the upgrade?

Usually for upgrades I merge the new files on top of the old ones, this time I would like to start fresh for the files

Sorry I haven t had time to look at the upgrade mechanism yet

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If you look at the folder structure for the different versions it seems you could get rid of the following folders:

  • cache
  • css_files
  • hooks
  • interface
  • ips_kernel
  • lofiversion
  • public
  • screenshots

I would make a backup and do an upgrade then after it's complete remove each of these folders one by one and refresh the page to see if you get any errors.

Let me know if that helps.

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