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Does 4.0 ....?


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Here are a list of things I am curious to know if 4.0 does?

- Hashtags
- Social Login (facebook, twitter, and google).
- Redactor integration.
- Auto embed content from web (like tweets, instagram photos, soundcloud audios) just inserting the link!
- Multi quotes.
- Magic Pagination.
- Menu Editor.
- Custom Pages.
- Ajax moderation.
-Moderation warnings
-Moderation warning templates
-Moderation logs
- Ajax on quick reply.
- Drafts.
- Auto merge double posts.
- Solved Topics.
- Topic Prefix.
- Two factor authentication.
- Post History.
- Mail templates editor.
- Easier moderation.
-User statistics (SMF does this well)
-Social profiles, with easy view to all images posted by user, forums & gallery.
-allow users to sell own digital content in user store, admin gets $ cut

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Why don't you just install a testinstall and try it out yourself? ;)

​Depends if superj707 is self hosted or cloud hosted. Cloud hosted clients don't have access to test installs to create extra forums, they get just the one live forum :)

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