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Hard to Upgrade with COULD_NOT_WRITE_FILE Over & Over


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Doing a test upgrade, which I have been working on all day, it is very hard to do with consent "COULD_NOT_WRITE_FILE Location: Step 7 1. Application: Core

This happens on Members and now is happening on POLLS.  It can run for 5 mins or 30 seconds.  I can not see any reason for it to stop.  MySLQ is running just fine.

I click RETRY and it picks up where it left off, but for how long?  You can not do this without sitting at the computer all the time.

Any thoughts into this guys?


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It would not let me start the process until it was.  It does not do a full directly check with a report before upgrade, but it will stop when it needs a directly set that is not.

I had to bail out of the process as I was into it 14 hours and was only on updating polls (members who voted).

This is why you need to run a full test.  At this rate of speed, I can no even really afford to move to ver 4 as I would be down for days it seems with only....

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Mine does not even give the file.  Not sure why it would be trying to write a FileSystem.php file though.

BTW...NO LOGS in any directory. No upgrade logs or anything.  And yes, they are writeable with 777 permissions just to be sure before I started.

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