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Twitter Callback URL


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I have taken a look at this for you, just to ensure things are correct in there. While we can certainly look to make this clearer in our documentation, it does indeed currently state what the URL should be, in the following section. As the full URL can be different per site, it is not possible to add the full URL in there, unfortunately.



Just as a quick hint for you on these. Whenever setting up items like this, you will tend to find the callback URL is shown within the setup page of that particular item. So for example, when setting up the twitter login method, you will see under the "Application Settings" section, it will let you know what URL you should use for the callback URL.



Of course, if you have any feedback to add to this, do feel free to pass that on. Any way in which we can make things more straight forward for our users, we are always happy to hear ☺️

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