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Album Link Field

Kevin Carwile

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Is this the message you are referring to?

On 4/5/2018 at 7:46 AM, Inlens said:

When I edit record and leave album link empty - I get sql error with this:


It should be 

`field_49`= null

I mean when I submit I dont choose album and dont set checkbox "create". 

What is the error? I don't see one there.

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Hey, I'm having an issue with this plugin. If I select "Create New Album", then after I create the record instead of prompting me to create the album, I get led to a page with this error:



Sorry, there is a problem

Page Not Found.
Error code: 2S106/1


The URL seems to be correct, [board URL]/gallery/submit/?do=submit&category=6&album=1285&_new=1

Any ideas?

Edit: I've found another bug. If you select "Create New Album", but then fail to select a gallery category, the record will be created with a null album linked. Is there any possibility of fixing these bugs?

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Will it be update to 4.5? This plugin functionality is so amazing that should be built in. Gallery is not used as much in IPS because it’s isolated. It should be used to held albums from Pages posts or in users profiles.

Hope this plugin gets the attention that deserves.

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