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Ultimate Location Field

Kevin Carwile

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The ultimate location field adds a new custom field type to your databases created in the IPS Pages / CMS application. The location field is an enhancement of the existing core Address field, with the main difference being that it stores specific locations of latitude/longitude, regardless of if the location has a physical address or not.


  • Store any location - not just addresses
  • Choose what types of location data to collect
  • Drag and drop update of location via Google maps
  • Google Places autocomplete search integration
  • Ajax dropdown per user of recently saved locations
  • Autocomplete search of previously saved locations
  • Automatic user geolocation with HTML5


Ultimate Location Field

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  • 8 months later...

Hi, I'm having an issue with the plugin that I was hoping you could help me with...

Right now when I click a spot on the map and then save the article, the resulting published map always shows the marker on a street nearest to where I clicked, instead of the actual spot that was clicked. For example, if I click the map on a spot in the middle of a lake, the resulting map will show the marker at the nearest street location on shore.

This is a problem for me, since I need to be able to show markers over bodies of water, and other locations that are not on a street.

Is it possible to eliminate that behavior, so that just the exact coordinates are recorded and shown?

Any help would be much appreciated!


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Hi @Kevin Carwile

What i basically need is a functionality similar to facebook check-in. The least amount of clicks it requires, the better. I imagine when a user goes somewhere, he clicks a button and automatically his username and location are shown on a google map. Everything saved in a Pages database, with history and everything. A more advanced option will be to see nearby users, sorted by distance from your location at the time of check-in, etc.

So I am wondering, can this field be used to develop something with Pages or it sound like something more suitable for a separate app?

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