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Ability to store and serve files from a non-web-accessible directory


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In the new IPS 4 you have the ability to store and move files to various defined locations. So for example, instead of storing files in the default uploads directory, you can specify a non-web-accessible location for the files.

However, when you try this, you need to specify a URL for direct access to the files, so any files moved into the non-web-accessible directory won't be accessible since you can't link to the files via a standard URL. Many apps allow you to store data in a directory in a non-web-accessible area and then the script handles pulling up and displaying the needed information so end users cannot directly link to those files (they can only be accessed if the request comes from the script itself). Can you consider adding this feature?

It would also be nice, for now, to have IPS 4 do a sanity check on the URL field to make sure a test file stored in that location actually is accessible directly via the entered URL before allowing the user to set it up as a location.

This would make things more secure without having to rely on storing binary data in a database, which isn't ideal.

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