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Change to Administration of Profile Fields


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This isn't as much a bug as a request for a change in the way the Profile Fields work on registration.  A lot of us have communities with members, and sometime after they have registered we may decide to add a required profile field on signup.  That's great for potential new members, and existing members when they go back to edit their profile in future will need to fill out that additional information.  However as an Administrator in the ACP we should be able to modify a member's account without requiring to fill in those additional profile fields.  

In my case personally I have a member on our development board, he's signed up and afterwards we've added some required profile fields.  When editing his account I am forced to fill in those fields on his behalf, of which I can not answer for him as I am not aware however without putting some information in to those fields false or not I am unable to otherwise save the edits I intend to make to his account.

This is just a small blip in the otherwise overall smooth experience I've found with the ACP in RC1.

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