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Demo Version of IP. Commerce?


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Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone has a demo version of the "commerce" app installed I could browse at all please?
The reason I ask is that I'm 50/50 about continuing with IPS as I don't feel it's 100% for me. I purchased IP. Nexus a while back for 3.4.7 and loved it
But as I have doubts with IPS 4 I don't really fancy on paying the renewal fee to find out I don't like the Commerce system either.

So to selfishly save me a few pennies I was wondering if someone had it on a demo board I could browse just to get a feel and see if it's worth me carrying on with IPS.


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Bugs are reported for the Betas/ReleaseCandidate... If you have a active license for IP.Nexus, you are able to download the Release Candiate of IP.Commerce from your ClientArea (this is not a demo, it's a pre-release of the final product :thumbsup:)

Ah im not goin mad then lol

I have an active ip.board license but not nexus as im not sure if i wanna continue with IPS or not, so don't really want to renew ip.nexus and it give me more reason not to use IPS and i waste my money. So without an active ip.nexus license i can't download the beta, so was wondering if someone had a beta that i could snoop around in to see if it's worth ne renewing


but if IPS will add it here i can wait :)

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