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IPS 4 Install Success, but then database error


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Does your admin panel work ? (Try going to /admin) If it does seach in the ACP for logs and look at the error log.

Alternative: Connect via FTP/File Manager. Look in /uploads/log for an sql error log. It will be titled something like 2015_02_10_sql.cgi

Did you have *any* errors during the upgrade ? , it would be worth looking at the similar titled date_upgrade.cgi file as well.

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What does the SQL Error look like exactly? It could be you're seeing the 3.x driver sql error in which case I would suggest you to ensure all files were written correctly by uploading the IPS 4 files on top of them again. It could be you missed some files or it failed during your first upload.

If that doesn't work I would suggest you consider sending a ticket from the client area.

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