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Commerce Advertiser Self Managed Ads?

Ocean West

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Ok just now finally got around to testing this - and was saddened to see that this is not available for 4.0. 

I was so hoping for ability for my advertisers - allow them to change their own artwork and if need be URL - (with my approval) clicking a check box is so much easier then typing to exchange information via email or support ticket forcing me to have to manually swap out ads, during their campaign. 

There is no option for the paying advertisers to submit "Smaller Versions" as i can for house ads. - this will be point of contention for any paying advertisers if end users just browse from a mobile device or make their window smaller avoids the their ads.

Looking at the "list" of advertisements there is no column for as to the advertiser/member who placed the order (with link back to their account and or purchase ) - this is very important to see all adds by a member/advertiser.

In Nexus the columns are : Preview / Member / Locations / Impressions / Clicks 

4.0 the columns for ads are: Title / Advertisement Preview / Impression / Clicks / Start Date / End / Advertisement Shut Off / Status 

(Why is a title needed for an Ad?)

From this list you have no indication where this add will be seen (template location) OR which image is what (assume top down -  standard, medium, small ) and what about independent stats and accumulative stats for each of these sizes: impressions / clicks? 

Why is "Advertisements" not apart of Commerce? Why is it in the System under Site Promotion? This makes no sense. Can someone explain it to me.

Also I would recommend and encourage anyone NOT to load house adds in to the ACP directly - as a site admin you have removed yourself from experience. To ensure your site is operating as intended - My recommendation is to give yourself credit or even a coupon code or something then when you need to add a house add do so from the store like every other end user, this allows you to walk down the same path and discover any issues (aside from the actual purchasing ) - plus stats will show under your account - also a way view things as your advertisers do.



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