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Waiting for Beta 9

Ilya Hoilik

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I expect IPS to make massive in roads to the reported bugs (major, rather than minor) and then package RC together or if any of those bugs require IPS to put another beta together then so be it.

I would rather see a stable RC release, resulting in a quicker release version than have several RC versions.

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Although I am new to IPB, I know SMF for years. The only thing they could release for years was security updates and lately a Beta1 in November which is still there while IPB have come from Beta2 to almost Beta9 or RC1..

I am too impatient for a release asap but still I prefer a stable one even if it is a bit late..

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I wonder why a company like IPB, cannot produce a new product in a logical time, and is been more than two years waiting for IPB 4

Other forum software have more tight timetables (free and paid) 


IPB going to be Vbulletin?

​You have to bear in mind that it is all completely new code rather than re-factoring previous versions. :)

Also there's all the official applications as well to account for, rather than just a forum application...

FWIW from a personal standpoint I see a lot less issues (and more features) here than with the latest VB they have "over there" on their site and that's had a lot of releases. Its also not been that long relatively since IPS4 was shown either really.

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