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Need instructions (to edit template) or future switch to turn on or off GRID view. The current grid view the css is a bit off and there is no padding from the text to the edge of the boxes. - My only work around to get rid of grid view is to take all forums out of the parent forum. 

Template: collab/front/components/nodeList

The $grid variable in the template can be adjusted to determine the threshold at which the display switches to grid view.

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I think that is a great idea and I'd like to see everybody using the new IPS4 Suite coupled with Group Collaboration! I'll be considering the best way to go about tackling that after GC has been in the wild long enough to be sure it's stable.

well this sounds fabulous. @Kevin Carwile

I'll have to wait until you know its stable though cos I'm not the least bit tecchy so stuff that goes wrong gives me major heart attacks ( almost haha ) 

Ive just put the latest IPS4 up and have added a new skin as well as CJmenu....   and there is a few problems happening which my web host is trying to sort for me. 

I hope this get well stabilized soon though as it is great and perfect for my (future) community   :thumbsup:

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When moving content from original app to GC - there should be some operation that auto enrolls / joins any participant in the content being moved.

Otherwise if new content was added they may not be properly notified or be seen in VNC etc.?!

It's not a problem. You just set the permission on the container to allow collab guests to see the content and they can still get their follow notifications. If you set the permission on the container to allow guests to post, they can still participate without needing a membership. If you set the membership join mode of the collab to automatically accept new members without approval, members can choose to join or not. You could even do what @Police Community has done with his board and create a rule that automatically joins members to the collab when they view the collab homepage, since GC has built in ECA's for the Rules application.

Automatically joining members on content move is going to be problematic anyway, such as if the collab category has a maximum collab membership set to a smaller number than the number of participants in the content being moved.

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If I buy this can you install it for me please?  I'm totally lost when it comes to this "tar" thing... and while I'm at it I'd like to also buy the Automation Rules so if you can install both for me at the same time that would be great help  @Kevin Carwile   :rofl:

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Quickly searched the topic but couldn´t find anything related. My antivirus throws a warning: PHP:Agent-UM [Trj]


Uploaded it to virustotal and only two AVs found something, the other 50 say it´s clean. So it´s deffo a false positive, just wanted to let you know.

Thanks doc. :)

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Is there a way to bind the collab creation to member posts, so only if a member has more than x posts he can create a collab?

You could set up a member to be promoted to a new member group after a certain amount of posts via IPS core. And then set the permissions on the collab category to only allow members to create collabs if they are in that member group.

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@Kevin Carwile could the setting Max Members Per Collab be extended to control based on a collab basis within a category. So for example all collars under category A can currently be set with a maximum number of permitted members. The model we would like to adopt is that I could then change a specific collab within a category to increase that number (if they purchased extra credits) for example. Pretty much like the Chat module works on here from IPS. This would need to be an admin only feature though based on a specific collab to override the category setting. If its not admin only it could be controlled by roles and the permission configurations there to override what is shown in the main category.

The plan being all users of a collab category get say 50 permitted members for FREE (This would be the category setting)

User A is happy with that
User B has maxed out and wants more users so makes a purchase in nexus (a product we set up for 100 user limit) and when this happens we can then manually visit that collab and extend User B's collab limits to 100

Clearly if that can be automated all the better and reduced back down if the renewal isn't paid but we are more than happy to manage that process manually.

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