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​So I have a restriction of 3 posts need to be approved.  All of these people will need to have 3 posts approved again in the groups? Some of these people have thousands of posts, it's not really fair to have them be approved again.  Is there a way around this?

That restriction is a forum based setting. If that setting is used by a collab leader for a collab forum, it stands to reason that posts from outside the group should not count toward that restriction total. Simply remove the restriction for forums inside your collab to bypass the issue.

If you do not want members who have not posted at least 3 content items to be able to join collabs, then set up a group promotion for members to happen after 3 posts which moves them into a member group who has permission to join collabs.

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Maybe we are misunderstanding each other.

I just launched this and have about 40+ people in a group.  Most of these people that are in this group have hundreds if not thousands of posts. On the forum.  When they joined the group, I see their post count is back to 0.  You are saying that I need to create other groups and move people out of them once they hit a level so that they don't have restrictions?


Update:  So I created a Members+ group that Members were moved into after 3 approved posts. So now they do not have any type of posting restriction.

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Is there a way to do a mass invite of 200+ users. If I have their usernames in a list, do i have to enter 1 by 1 or is there a way to paste in the list somehow to invite users to a group?

I wound sending all the invites in groups but it would be a nice feature to resend invites to the people that haven't replied yet 

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Is there a way to give permission to approve posts to a new role?  I see all the options for editing, moving, etc, but don't see one for approving posts.  Can that only be done by admins and mods on the site?

I dont think there is an "approve posts" moderator permission in core. It's coupled with the moderator ability to unhide posts.

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How do the collabs join with forums?  I don't see where the joins may be in the tables?  Trying to modify a plugin to work with showing the correct threads from posts of groups.  I am not seeing how they hook up

​If you're asking how GC remembers what collaboration that each forum is owned by... there is a column added to the forums table which stores the ID of the collab.

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I'm planning to purchase this addon. I just installed the demo but didn't find what I expected to see.

Due to the fact that I come from vbulletin social groups I'd like to provide the feature to special members to create their own collaboration group (social group).

But I only what to have closed and private groups. Nobody who isn't member of a group should see content of this private one.

The owner should decide who are allowed to join the group and see the content.

How can I do that?

I created a private group but I found out that also non members can see the comments.

What did I wrong? Can I create more topics in one group? Can I disable the feature to have open groups? All groups shall be private.

Thanks in advance for help

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The comments and reviews on collabs is not "group content". It is for members on the main site to comment or review the collab.

When you set up the collab category, you choose which apps from the main site that can be used inside the collab (such as forums). When collab/group members use those apps inside the group, permissions can be set as to who can view that content. That is how you achieve your privacy.

The "private listing" setting in the collab category hides closed/invite-only collabs from public listing within the category.

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