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Tom Irons

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On 8/3/2016 at 9:27 PM, ProSkill said:

I desperately need help with this. At some point Cloak stopped working properly and it performs a critical feature on my forum. I narrowed down the issue to this:

  • Cloak no longer removes nor hides all images that have been inserted into posts.

It properly hides attachments, but it doesn't hide images that are uploaded as attachments and then inserted into posts. Previously, all I had to do was select "hide attachments" and it worked perfectly, i think that something broke after some of the recent updates. I need this to be fixed as my forum relies heavily on this feature. Thank You. I am willing to pay for your help.

Same issue here. Can we get some help from IPS' devs or from some of the apps/plugins freelancers?

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