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[Commerce][Beta 8] Possible bugs/suggestions


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I definitely love the new additions and some of the changes made to the new 'IP.Nexus', Commerce.

Some of the changes, not so sure about. And hope things can be remedied before launch (hope they aren't big 'code change' requests). Not sure if some are bug reports already, just putting a list of things I noticed together

  • No save & return to creating/editing a product? Awesome feature in 3.4
  • Does not return saved with 'source' or 'html' turned on in the edit package screen. You can click source again, but if you have complex HTML it's now a mess to read, when it was pasted/saved it was in nice form. In 3.4, this does not 'usually' happen (stays on HTML but rarely after editing a package then returning it may get messed up for some weird reason).
  • Does not show amount of product in stock on product page? (or in the ACP product listing? That would help for people that sell many items that always need to be restocked - personally I don't need this, just pointing it out that it could be handy to others)
  • Disable/Enable the share/mention product features (facebook, digg, etc.)?
  • Custom Fields - Not sure how they work, I assume if I did something like 'Select Box', then put 1, 2, 3, 4. Wouldn't they would see a drop down menu with the 1-4 on the product screen? Or in a tab next to the 'Product Information' tab?

A random ACP nitpick: 
Not a huge fan of no global breadcrumbs. If not that, then maybe at least a bold or underline or something in the navigation to the left to signify where you went? Sometimes I click things and i'm not even sure where I am or how to get back there again. This has been missing since day 0 of these releases (had active license from alphas 15-beta2), figured they would have been added at some point. Not sure why no one else cares about them (no reports about it and don't think i've seen any bug reports on it)? How does everyone else feel about 'knowing where they're at'?

Just got around to renewing my licenses recently and started messing with this so in the half hour of dabbling in it, I noticed these few things. (btw, I think it's kind of a bad idea to force an 'active' license to participate in the beta testing. I think if you 'own' a license to the product, you should be able to test the beta's esp because they shouldn't be live anyway - this would get you 1000x more testing/bug reporting participation - anyway enough of that, that's another topic - just quickly stating my opinion on that)

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