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Custom HTML Blocks?


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If possible could someone shed some light on how to insert custom HTML in to spaces on the forum.  IE: in this image below I'd like to put some custom HTML where the arrow is, both on the Forum Home and Topic Index in the sidebar.  


I've also found in PAGES that I can create custom HTML blocks, and call those blocks using {block="my_block_key"}, is it possible to call those to parts of the forum?

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Create a page like:

Details- "Use suite HTML wrapper - No" ;"Page Wrapper- Custom Wrapper"

Content- Your HTML code.

Create a Custom block

with content:

<iframe style="display:block" src="http://your adress/your page.html" frameborder=0 height='xx' width='yy'></iframe>

In the page of your site where you want, use "Manage Blocks-Pages".

Drag and place in which field you want the widget to your new block.

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