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Forum Layout Suggestion - Grid View


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I realize you may have already locked down new features for 4.0 but I wanted to suggest this idea for the grid view.

I am one of the fans of the grid view.  I like the layout and the topic showing at the bottom of the tile, as well as the forum description.  I like how you readded the title 'subforums' above the listed subforums.  I like how you made all the tiles the same height for a given category. 

My criticism of the grid view is the listing and sprawl of the subforums.  Some show vertically and others are side by side.  As I looked at this, it occurred to me that not everyone is interested in every subforum.

So here are several suggestions:

#1 - keeping the current grid view, only show the subforums that people follow

#2 - redesign the current grid view to show, in tile fashion, only those forums that people follow, and similarly, only those subforums they follow

#3 - offer a personalized grid view: this would show tiles of all followed forums, in one large layout without the category "header" as I call it.  So this would mean main forums would be equal in stature to a subforum.  So @csm might follow the main forum, Suggestions and Ideas, and also the subforum Company Suite Feedback.  If those were the only two forums he followed, those would be the only tiles shown, side by side.  Or, if @Adriano Faria followed a total of 16 forums and subforums from various areas, he would see a grid view of 16 tiles.

- Brian

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